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Girlfriend visiting for 12 weeks - Long term guest

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Hi Guys,

I need some advice.

I’m living alone in a 1BR flat, rented on a 12 month contract.

Now, my girlfriend (long-distance) wants to come to London to study here for 12 weeks.

We would like to live together during that time, so she would basically move in with me while she is here.

As far as the tenancy agreement goes:

a) It only has my name on it

b) It says the property shall be used as a private dwelling for Tenant and immediate family (does a girlfriend count into that?)

b) It says I am not allowed to sublet and I am not allowed to make any commercial gain by having another person stay at the property.

Now my questions:

1) Are we allowed to do that? Can she stay legally?

2) Should I tell the Landlord? If I do and he says no, then I have a problem

3) Is there a way to put my GF on the lease for those 12 weeks, or kind of make an addendum so that everything has a better legal grounding? If so I could take that to my Landlord and I am quite sure that he would be fine with it.

Thanks for the help

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Hi Jack.

I think you may be worrying unnecessarily.

In the first instance: yes, your girlfriend definitely counts as immediate family.

It’s the 21st Century, and the Institution of Marriage isn’t what it once was! You may not have been in your relationship with your girlfriend long enough for you to consider her “Next of Kin” yet… But that’s nobody else’s business but yours and your girlfriends.

The tenancy clauses concerning additional (regular) occupants are intended to prevent abuse such as turning the resident into a “doss-house”, with half-a-dozen (or more!) mates regularly sleeping on your floor. And obviously the “Sub-Letting” clause is very specifically intended to prevent you from re-renting the property at a higher rate than you are paying your landlord, and pocketing the difference.

I really do not see that you have any obligation at all to tell your landlord. It isn’t just that if he says no, you and your girlfriend will have a problem. It is also (and more likely) that he may spot an opportunity to make a little more money out of you, particularly as you are uncertain about these things.

I’ve been a renting tenant for 25 years, in a number of different properties. And I’m proud/ashamed (*delete whichever you think is most appropriate) to say that those properties I was living in saw a number of different girlfriends staying for different lengths of time. In fact, the last girlfriend who moved in with me, 12 years ago, moved in with her six-year old son as well (it was a big town-house in London!). 12 years later, we’re still living with each other in rented accommodation, along with two other sons we managed to produce together.

I really do think that you do not need to worry about this at all. It is to your credit that you are concerned, but I’m sure that anyone with any similar experience will tell you that you have no need to do anything with respect to your tenancy agreement.

If of course everything takes an unanticipated course with your girlfriend and she ends up sticking around for a longer/semi-permanent basis (it happens!), then you may want to consider being joint tenants when your current contract comes up for renewal. But for a 12-week period, I can’t see you are under any obligation to tell anyone your girlfriend is going to be “stopping over”.

Hope this helps!


Hey Steve!
Thanks for your kind and long reply, this helps me a ton! 

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