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Given notice

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Hi, i would love someone to try and give me some advise. We have a shorthold 12 months agreement which ends 20th july. We have paid the rent upfront so were paid until the end of our term but 2 days ago i recieved my 2 months notice as the landlord is moving back home and needs the house. We dont have a problem but they are refusing to pay back the last 2 months rent because they said our agreement ends in july, but if theyve given us notice we wont be here. Are we in our right to get the 2 months back? Weve not missed any rent on the property, its purely them needing the house back.

many thanks


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Hello There

These maybe useful to you: – just register and post a new topic with your original query (copy and paste as above but add any deposit / tenancy details) I will hazard a guess you will get some good advice, theyre very spot on with the legal stuff

Legal Beagles will be your best bet, but while youre waiting for a reply possibly check out the housing act 2004 (although find one that reads easier than the official government one as it’s soooo long and complicated)

*  make sure you post in the right section – if your not sure where to put the post, just say at the beginning of your thread that you’re not sure if you’ve posted in the right place as you’re new

Also – Shelter (google Shelter for your nearest one, they are excellent with this type of thing too)

Citizens Advice – not so hot

Im sorry I cant help further, this is the only advice I can give as these two above have helped me hugely.  Make sure you look at details such as deposits, details in your tenancy and whether your tenancy contains a break-clause.  Be a step ahead, legal beagles usually ask you to post a copy of your agreement to them eliminating your personal details, maybe an idea to get that ready to attach.  But study it with a fine toothcombe :o)

Also:  dont know if this link helps – check it out:

If it doesnt, there’s lots of links to other sites when you type into google:  landlord cancelling ast early

Good Luck x






PS Speak to Shelter directly if possible – as they’re marvellous and always on the tenants side – theyve been invaluable to me x

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