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Giving notice

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After some advice . . . My husband and I have been living in our rented house since Feb 2012. We started on a 12 month fixed term agreement and every year since we have signed a new 12 month contract. This is due to end on 27/2/2017. If my partner gets the new job we have applied for, it is live in so we will be moving out. He should know around 1/2. Can we give out 1 month notice then and move out on 1/3 or would we have to pay a full months rent for march (as it’s after 27th Feb) in which case we’d be better to officially move out on 27th March.

hope that makes sense! Thanks in advance!



Have you contacted your landlord about this ?

It’s best that you do. Typically, you need to serve a notice exactly one month before your tenancy ends (27th March), in order to correctly terminate the lease. Stay a day longer and the tenancy lapses into periodic, which will make a mess out of the paperwork. 

The landlord probably wouldn’t mind to allow you 4 more days, provided you just ask. 

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