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Giving notice for break clause

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hi everyone 

My current 12 months fixed contract is valid until 1 Aug 17 and in the contract there’s breakclause with two months notice. But recently I have lost my job and my husband cannot afford the rent with only his salary so we have to move to another much smaller place. Do we have to pay another two months rent giving two months notice? We would be really struggling. Or is it likely the agent/the land lord will accept our one months notice given our situation? 

Many thanks in advance 


You have to pay rent until the day you move – be it one month, two months or half an year. Giving notice is for the purposes of the landlord having chance to organize your departure, perform the property audits, deal with the deposit and remarket the property – not for skipping rent. 

I advise you communicate with your landlord immediately and be honest. These things happen and you would like the support and cooperation of the landlord. Not disclosing the information may become a friction point, as your landlord might be more cooperative and understanding when you make a full confession. 

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