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Grayam butt letting a ageency littlehampton

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I would avoid doing business with Graham butt letting a agency in Littlehampton. 

I would never trust their word again.  They have lied to me, taken 3 months to do the simplest of maintainace and just as I was getting settled and 4 months in to my term, they tell me the owner now wants me to leave for no reason at all. 

I made my criteria very abundantly clear that I would not consider short term accommodation at all.  They have badly advised me and fundermentally let me down by introducing me to an owner who is totally inconsiderate that has sectchey plans.  This has caused such serious problems for me and the best Graham Butt LTd can say is o well hard luck! 

Their attitude to this is infuriating as they say that they are not responsible for their client (the owner ) changing their minds for no reason whatsoever.  They earn money from both ends of the table so they should strive to understand the clients that pay them money. 


i decides to do business with grayam butt letting someone agancey back in Novemeber 2015.  I rented a property through them after making my criteria very clear.  Moving is such a hard thing to do so I was very specific about only long term properties were on my radar.  

We have to trust these people with a leap of faith and when they let the tenants down there is almost no regress.  Literally 12 weeks in to my term I’m served with a section 21 for no plausible reason whatsoever.  My bills are paid and on time and the property is in good condition.  

personally I will never do business with them and will make an effort to inform all of my local friends who can intern inform as many people in the area as possible as they cannot be trusted.  

I would appreciate it if anybody has any similar experiences with this company to respond to this post as I am going to attempt to take them to the small courts for compensation.  I understand that I can nothing about a section 21 and will have to move out.  However I am going to apply to the small claims courts in an attempt to claim for my fees and losses to be repaid due to their poor advice. 

Thanks for reading. 

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If you tenancy is an assured shortholt tenancy (AST) then the landlord can’t terminate your agreement without giving two months notice, and you would have to have been there for at least six months (when the notice expires)

If your agreement gave you a longer fixed term then that term would be respected by the courts (if it got that far)

If there are outstanding repairs, tell you council’s private sector rental team.


They have authority to serve a notice, on the landlord, requiring them to do the work and you can’t be evicted until the work is done.


Of course all of this assumes that you have not breached your agreement in any way.




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