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Greedy landlords

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iv been having problems with my landlord. He used to show up all the time without notice (not much of a problem now) one I’m really struggling with is; my friend had nowhere to go so I let him move in on the couch. My landlord didn’t know and I was unaware at the time that, that was illigal, luckily he let him stay, the catch is that again without any notice, heads up he upped the rent $200! For a shitty 2 bed were now paying 950$. We’re young , like we’re do they think this money is comming from ? When I asked he said it was for extra water an such. What can I do about this ? Should I write a dispute ? I thought “with concent” one could not up the rent without 3m notice and only like 0.3% ..?


Hi Tiana

Usually the landlord can only put the rent up once a year and, depending on your tenancy type, they may need your consent. For example, if you have a fixed term tenancy consent is required – more information here. You can dispute a rent increase via a tribunal and they can force the landlord to only ask for a market rent.

The issue may be that you’ve been in breach of your tenancy agreement by illegally subletting and so the landlord could either take steps to remove you or try to argue that the extra 200 is for the additional tenant (in which case your friend should be put on the tenancy agreement). It might be an idea to ask the landlord for the bills that prove he needs that additional amount for the water – or any evidence that the increase is justified. And if not then you can try taking him to a tribunal. I’m not a lawyer but I don’t think the additional person would affect a tribunal’s assessement of a fair rent (unless you negotiated a single person discount) as the property is still the same.


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