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Guarantors and Nervous Breakdowns...Please Help!

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Found this awesome site by chance on Google and sincerely hope someone can help me.

Basically, I’ve rented all my life – private landlords – no issues.

My dad has frequently acted as guarantor – and I’ve never had any problems.

I am trying to leave my current property (a one bedroom flat – which is immaculate!)  I’ve been there 21 months – the landlord condutced an inspection after 6 months – and none since) – inspection was fine.

So, I’ve found a property I want to move into – and need to for work reasons.

I’ve been self-employed for 3 months and have provided bank statements – my dad is also acting as guarantor.

I’m just extremely concerned – with basically the fear of God that the “referencing agency” has put in me that I won’t get the property!

The pressure on tenants is unreal! I want to rent a £550/month property….I have the means to pay – and my dad is guarantor.  And yet – I almost feel like a criminal.

Also, I got a snotty email from the landlord today giving me “formal notice” of a “routine inspection” just so he can tick the box that on his reference form.

I really am sick to the back teeth of all this. I am mentally fragile at them best of times – and this may only serve to push me over the edge.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Cate

I feel your pain – many of us do! I’m also self employed and – even worse! – I have a dog so letting agents love to tell me that I haven’t a hope in hell of getting the properties I want. I think it’s worth remembering that letting agents are always focused on getting as much money from you as possible and it’s in their interests to make you feel as if you’re a lost cause and they’re doing you a favour. Don’t believe the ‘I know everything’ act that agents do – it’s pure bluster.

On the other hand it is a competitive market and landlords/agents will go for tenants who make their lives easier and offer them good profits. All this really means is that you need to make sure you’re presenting yourself as the best tenant you can be. So, make sure you pass the landlord’s inspection, give the agent all the reassurances they need, financially speaking (I also get a statement from my accountant to confirm my income) and try to set yourself apart from other tenants who want the property, for example with the guarator, offeirng to pay rent up front, being able to move quickly. 

I think you’re doing all you can – and I’m sure it will be enough. Just remember that referncing checks are pretty basic and don’t go into that much detail so they’re not as scary as they sound – you normally have to have some pretty serious issues (county court judgments etc) to fail them.

Good luck and if you don’t get this one then I’m sure you’ll find another.


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