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On the th May28th,I  was due to move into a new property.On the morning I was due to move in the new landlord text me to say the paperwork he had received from me was unsastifactory.I had given him the paperwork a week ago,paid  month rent and set up a standing order.

I had been given a notice to quit by my current landlady,she never explained why.I had to cancel the removals and I went straight to the library and started looking again.I couldn’t believe what was happening . I managed to have two vewings that day no one is going to let you move into their  property without references or proof that you are working.

I had not  mentioned my situation to my landlady as she had stopped to me since she had handed me my notice.

At 8pm, I began receiving phone calls from the daughter which I did not answer as I was feeling quite anxious about my situation. I receievd a textfrom her telling me   that they would start putting my belongs were already packed up on the drive way. I really got scared and called a few friends for advice.

I eventually return home at 9pm to be confronted by Fedhila (landlady) Sabrina (daughter) and Jackson (boyfriend).I expalined my situation Fadhila says she did not care as I had been given enough notice,Sabrina told me I had to go.I told them I needed to go to my room and collect my belongings.

I went into my room and locked the door,I felt frightened and intimated.I was in a situation that was out of my control,I had been looking forward to moving out.I had lived there for two and half years and I was not expecting to leave in this way. At 10pm that evening Fadhila,Sabrina and Jackson,began pounding on my door   shouting  that I should leave and I was no longer welcome in their home.

I could have stayed at a friends that eveing but I did not want to leave my belongings as I have lot of stuff.They kept shouting and banging on my door,I was very afraid and felt quite desparate of what might happen if I opened the door.

Sabrina contiued to threatened to put my belongings on the street.I called a   frend and asked her to come a collect any things they put on the streets.

My friend visited the home and pleaded with them to let me stay one more night,Sabrina continued to demand that I be put out on the streets. Eventually I was alloweed to stay for the night.

I felt very shaken and hulimlated by my exprience and I didn’t deserve  to be treated so inhumanley by these people I was a good lodger for two a half years    i paid my rent on time. treated these people with respect.

Fadhila is now looking for a new lodger on Spare room  and Sabrina continues to her job as a London schoolteacer. How can   other  woman treat another woman so badly.I really did not desevere this.

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Hi Christina

That’s a horrible way to have been treated, I’m sorry to hear what happened to you. I’m not sure what kind of tenant you were but it might be worth speaking to Shelter as that may have been an illegal eviction. Normally, landlords don’t have the right to touch your belongings and they can’t evict you themselves – that requires a court order and court appointed bailiffs. And the way they treated you I imagine borders on a criminal offence. Have a word with Shelter and see if they can offer you advice – at the very least you can add your landlord to their list of rogue landlords so they don’t do the same thing to someone else in future. 



Thanks alex,

I will definately report this matter to shelter.I have spoken to a Solictoer from housing who informed that because I lived with the landlady I had no rights.I had a wrritten tenancy agreement.

I lived at this property for two and half years without any problems.I lived a quite life,the rent was paid on time.I think things changed when I asked the daughter to remove some rubbish from the house.

I will definately let shelter know about what has happened to me.

Thanks again for your support.

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