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I moved with My bf in a new house in nov 24th, we gave deposit And one month in advance To rent a double bedroom. 

Now we had a verbal agreement that we pay the rent on The 24th of every month. In december They asked Money in advance on The 20th because of christmas, in january the asked for £10 on The 10th of january Then He asked for £60 on The 11th And £30 on The 13th And £100 on The 16th.Every time He ask for Money He is Very intimidating And He Call us many time And text us during night time. Today He asked for Another £600 To finish To pay the rent all of it in advance. He called And texted us twice around midnight. This is all very stressful My boyfriend needs To wake up Early And every time this conversations Last for hours And it is Very frustrating we cannot Live a peaceful Life after we work so hard. We are scared They can Kick us out or damage our things while we are away. Also My boyfriend will be on holiday soon And i don t feel Good At all being alone with them. 

Is there anything i Can do? 

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Hi Francesca

It’s often more difficult to enforce a verbal tenancy than a written tenancy so it would be advisable to get a written tenancy next time – or to ask this landlord for one if you think he might agree. However, even without a document you still have rights from the first rent payment. These are some of the rights, implied by law:

your landlord must carry out basic repairs, for example, keeping the installations for the supply of water, gas, electricity, sanitation, space heating and heating water in good working order

you have the right to live peacefully in the accommodation without nuisance from your landlord

you have an obligation to use your home in a ‘tenant-like’ way, for example, by not causing damage and by using any fixtures and fittings properly

you have an obligation to provide access for any repair work that needs to be done.

It might be an idea to send an email or a letter by registered post setting out what you understand to be the rent amount and the date that it’s due. Ask the landlord to respond if he disagrees and say that, going forward, you’ll be making one rent payment per month on that date only. You could also ask him to keep the communication professional, in business hours as this is a business arrangement. 

Remember that the landlord is not entitled to let himself into the property without your consent – if this happens then the landlord is breaking the rules of landlord and tenant law. Even though there is no written tenancy, in order to remove you the landlord will need to give you 2 months written notice. No one can physically remove you or touch your things other than a court appointed bailif and that can only happen after you’ve been served with an eviction notice and then a court order. If you feel at all threatened by this person then call the police.



Hello again – I’ve just noticed that this was posted under ‘live in landlord’ – if you are a lodger, rather than a tenant, then unfortunately you do not have the rights I’ve described above. There’s some more information here on lodgers rights. if you’re living with someone you’re afraid of then it might be better to move on.

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