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harrasment and unfair deposit deductions

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So where to start?
first of all my english is not good, but i try to explain the best way as i can.
I lived in a property managed by an agent, on 2013 end of may i started my tenancy.
after 4 months on august i have received a letter like that “xy company will starting the installation of the insulation in end of august, however we have key so you dont have to be at home till they finish”.
so i said okay, i’m a newbie what to do.
after a month they still not comming, i’v got another letter with the same description in date of end of september.
By the time in about 10’th of december they comming in (they have the key) to the house while i’m still sleeping in the morning 09:00 clock.
they start to work all the walls are destroyed then after 1 week just stopped working and they gone!
In 2014 January about 10″th again they come back and finished about end of January. so while was christmas and new years eve all the house was in terrible condition. (i have photos aswell)
Every time i have something problem with the property example: wall heater stopped working after 2 months they fixed only after 1 month, and things like that.
so by now i can say that this agency is not respect the tenants and against the law, in 16″th of december i give me notice to quit and they say i must stay at least 2 months! its even legal ?
So in 15’th of february i moved out from property, and now they want to deduct 270 pound from the deposit as they say 100 pound for cleaning and 170 for changing the lino on the floor, wich was damaged by the company when installed the isolation! i can attach pictures how i lived in the property in the last 2 months. if somebody can give me some suggestions or where to take the right steps, thank you

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If you and your landlord cannot agree on the deductions you will probably end up presenting your cases to a ‘dispute resolution service.’ A dispute resolution service comes free with the Deposit Protection Scheme where your landlord should have placed your deposit. They provide a mediation service to help resolve the conflict which does not require court involvement. This is also known as alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Be assured that if your deposit has been protected in a DPS then neither you nor your landlord can access the deposit money until you have both agreed the amount to be released in writing.

The first step we recommend at TTV is to phone the scheme which holds your deposit and ask their opinion before entering into dispute. After all, they will be the ones who decide your case. Your landlord will have provided you with the details of which scheme holds your deposit. If not, then request this information. If the landlord has not used a DPS then they have broken the law and can be fined up to three times the amount of deposit you paid.

You can find more information on our site: http://www.thetenantsvoice.co.uk/advice_from_us/deposit-disputes-3/

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