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Has my contract been breached?

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Hi! New here!

We live in a rented property and the landlord lives just up the road, we have had no major problems in the time we have been there apart from yesterday. Last week we had a call from teh estate agent saying the landlord wants to get an evalutation done on the property and someone would be in contact, the next day (tuesday) they rang and asked when they could come for the evaluation,  we said we were off all that day, plus all day Wednesday but were told they could not come in that time, we then said how about an evening or saturday but again were told it was no good. So, we said that they need to contact the landlord as we had given them plenty of options. Fast forward to yesterday, my wife got home from work and noticed our post had been moved from the doormat to the table in the lounge so therefore someone had been in, this has left us feeling outraged and infringed upon. We have two dogs int he house as well, one of which likes to try and escape, so I dread to think what could have happened. Also, I think what would have happened if my wife was home alone, in bed or in the bath?

I have contacted my estate agent who claims to not be aware of any entry so they are  now contacting the landlord. My question is I am now really not happy to be there, I do not want to live somewhere that will be entered whenever the landlord feels like, and also its left an uneasy feeling as to why he is getting it valued. Only problem our tenancy is not up until september next year but given the breach of accesss rights is this grounds to get out of the contract early?

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Except maybe getting an apology, there isn’t anything that you can really do about what happened. However, you should demand to your landlord to change the locks of the property and only keep on key for themselves and give all the rest to you only. 

This will make sure only the landlord has access and is solely responsible for the access to the property and you can have him / her accountable.

Here is the official TTV page: http://www.thetenantsvoice.co.uk/advice_from_us/landlord-access/

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