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having your keys stolen,reported to police ,got referance number report.

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ive recently had my bag nicked,i reported it to the police for a crime number.took it to my letting agent,he got locksmith out and changed the locks.ive just recieved an invoice for £130.shurely the landlord has insurance to cover this..im so worried and confused.


Hi thanks for your post. Sorry to hear about the theft, it’s awful when that happens and incredibly inconvenient having to replace everything.

Firstly, I’m confused as to why the letting agent didn’t use their keys to open the property rather than calling a locksmith… Was it out of office hours?

Secondly, I would imagine that if your landlord’s insurance policy covered lock replacement in the case of tenant’s keys being stolen, then they probably wouldn’t have sent you the bill. Perhaps the Insurance policy only applies if the landlord’s keys are stolen. It can’t hurt to query whether their policy includes tenant keys, but then there would be the issue of paying the excess…

If you don’t have tenant’s insurance to cover the cost then I’m afraid you would have to pay the cost. Although it is not your fault that your keys were stolen, it is even less the fault of the landlord.

All the best.

Disclaimer: This information is derived from personal experience and should not be relied upon as a definitive or accurate interpretation of the law.


thanks for your reply…the letting agent has keys to the communial enerance to four flats.which were on my keyring. i am a secure tennant who will not allow them to have spare keys to let thereselves into my flat as there has been altercations in the past about people letting thereselves in.
with it being a communial passage with tennants bikes there i think they have had to replace the lock to guard against claims relating to this theft of my keys..
thank you for your feedback..so good of you ,,thanks

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