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Hi folks,

Just a quick question. Does anyone know how long it takes the HSE to contact you over a complaint?

I reported my dad’s landlord for no gas safety record on 23rd March, and heard nothing back other than a standard response email.

I poked them last Wednesday, but I’ve still heard nothing….

Is it usual to hear nothing off them after nearly 4 weeks when it’s something this serious? No gas safety is as a criminal offence and there’s never been one at this property in nearly 30 years of tenancy!



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Hi Deb

Have you called them? They are notoriously slow to respond and to take any action as far as I can make out. Is there any danger to your dad? I would try and speak to a human being and mention that if there is as it might make them move faster.



Hi Alex, thanks for responding.

I haven’t called them yet. I was expecting them to send something out to my dad with a reference number on so I could ring them, if needed, but we haven’t heard anything at all…

Dad had the living room fire serviced last December so I am not too concerned about his safety, but the rest of the gas appliances on site have not been serviced or inspected, and there has never been a CP12 in nearly three decades.

This scumbag has been reported previously to the HSE; he’s been on their radar since 2005, but the HSE has never resolved the issues, or taken action against the LL to prosecute him. The local Environmental Health Officer served the LL in 2004 with a 5 page list of works, but they’ve never been satisfactorily resolved.

The state of the property has to be seen to be believed…

The LL threatened 10 days ago to go to the Fair Rent Authority to raise the rent (again, what a joke!), and I really hoped he would as this means we can get another inspection done on the property by their board (last time, they dropped the rent from £46 to £45 because of the state of the house…)



Hi Debs

The landlord sounds truly awful – I would start by reporting him to Shelter so that he’s listed as a Rogue Landlord.

Can your dad challenge the rent at a Fair Rent Authority himself so that another inspection can be done?

What does the environmental health say about the fact that nothing has been done – surely they should be prosecuting the landlord now? Or at least issuing a caution.

I would get on to the HSE by phone and point out how long the property has been without a gas safety certificate, as well as the fact that the landlord has run into trouble with the environmental health. I think the HSE loves a scalp they can make an example of so encourage them to go after this guy as it would probably be fairly easy to convict him.

It may mean your dad has to move though but it might be worth speaking to a lawyer about suing the landlord for breach of the tenancy agreement. I’m not a lawyer and I don’t know the specifics but if it’s as bad as it sounds there are some pretty fundamental legal rights that your dad has that are being breached – proof being the environmental health list of works, the fair rent assessment and anything else you have that demonstrates the state of the property. It might be worth speaking to a no win no fee lawyer to see if you can get compensation that might help him move somewhere better – you can find one via the Law Society.



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