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Heat and hot water not working for third day

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What are the laws regardng heat and hot water. The landlord has enetered the house to install insulation through some government scheme. It has caused massive disrruption ot my living as the house is completely covered in dust , there has been no attempt to isolate the rooms that are being worked on. all possessions have not been covered for protection as was expected, work is running late and I have canelled work due to the fact that I live and work in the premises. I have lost income. 

as well the heat and hot water ( the boiler ) is off and showing a fault. due to the fact that radiators were removed and the system sealed. yet not set up to run again. 

so how long can they let this go. I have kids here. as well. Despite reassurances that this would not be seriously disruptive, I feel that I have been left out to hang here. 

Do I have any recourse.?

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Hi Conrad

Your landlord is responsible for ensuring that this kind of work doesn’t cause other issues – there’s more info and advice on that here, including next steps.


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