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Hi im living in a housing association flat but the heating is storage heaters. They are original to the property which is older than 1980! They are way to expensive to use more than one! I’m disabled and have many illnesses which means i feel the cold more. Do i have the rights to have the heating system changed for something i can use to stay warm? 


You can negotiate this with the landlord. Given the age of the heaters, there are some available government schemes / grants that cover part or all of the costs to purchase new heating equipment and install it. 

The landlord may likely have to pay a portion of it though. 

However, this upgrade will benefit both you and them as the property will increase it’s value with brand new economic heating equipment. It’s worth at least to discuss this, but you should better first research options for government grants and find out how much it will actually cost before you discuss this. The landlord will appreciate that you have done the homework and have a clear “ask” and a specific “price” that you want them to pay. 

Visit http://www.affordablewarmthgrants.co.uk/ and check out some of their terms. 

However, the law only requires them to provide a means for heating, not to upgrade for the sake of economy. If the heaters are working well, despite the electricity costs, the law doesn’t require the landlord to purchase new ones or in any way to consider your utility bills. 

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