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Heating and boiler issues

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So i reported my boiler broken yesterday, so no heating or hot water, i have an 8 year old and 7 year old. I am Disabled so cant carry water or boil pans.

I am still waiting for an enginener and they sa it will be tonight sometime. Were do i stand on this, do they have to give me some other accom if the boiler is broken.

Really frustrating. Its Adactus Housing 


There is no specific timeframe for when your landlord is required to resolve the problem, but obviously you can’t live normally without heating and hot water. Make sure you’re persistent in your requests for repairs and don’t let them take you up for a ride. 

Download this guide and follow the steps. It makes sure you can contact and complain to the council as soon as possible, which often is the leverage you need to make your landlord do stuff in your home. 


It’s free, just give it a shot. 

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