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heating and hot water problems for over 2 years

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Have had heating and hot water issues for over 2 years in the house i rent, the landlord has always sent someone out within a week when reported which is fine though most the time we turn it all off and on again to trick the system into working as its not realistic to not be able to wash or be warm for a week.  The manufacturer of the weird systenm we have came out twice last week after the other plumber said there was nothing more he could do with it and suggested its replaced. I am now waiting for them to turn up again.

This has cost us money for fuel bills, having the tap run to see if boiler fires up, heating on permenant full whack just to have a shower, using kettle to top up cold water for a bath. Not including all the time off work waiting in for a plumber, boiler has failed 15 times since christmas, we have never asked for compensation but never been offered even a box of chocolates as gesture of good will and apology.

How much longer do i need to put up with this.  Not fair that if we complain more we could loose our home but im fed up with accepting this and keeping quiet.


Lo and beyhold now waiting to ring gledhill again as no hot water. Im stuck with what we can do, waiting to go in to labour and we have no spare money to be able to move, this is destroying me. Advice please? 

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