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Heating and Hot water

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I’ve been without heating and hot water for 48 hours now, engineer came out and a new part for the boiler needs ordered but won’t be available until Monday, another 48 hours minimum. I have 3 young children and I want to know if I can insist that the landlord pay for us to stay in a local hotel or B&B until this is resolved? 


Hi Dawn,

A Landord has a duty to repair an issue as quickly as possible- and this appears to be exactly what he has done. Mitigating factors are, of course, taken in to consideration however we are not in the midst of Winter so the lack of heating should not be a risk.

You should have access to hot water by using your kettle and hob in the interim time. As such, you shuld be able to remain safe in your home until the repair is completed on Monday- although I do appreciate this will be a lot more work than usual.

If the issue doesnt get resolved on Monday then do come back to us.

Hope that helps.

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