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Heating and rent

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Hi I’m in a bit of a pickle I am being evicted after 13 years as I got into a bit of trouble with my rent, my heating was condemned about a year and a half ago and I have had to buy a gas heater and electric heaters as  my daughter has severe asthma so we couldn’t go without in the winter. The gas  bottles and the electric  cost me a fortune  is there anything I can do? 


Hi Jenny

If your central heating system was mentioned in the tenancy then you could make a claim against the landlord for breach of tenancy. It is probably worth speaking to a solicitor as it sounds like it could be a fairly sizeable sum and could also be quite complex with the eviction proceedings too. You might be able to find a solicitor willing to work on a no win no fee basis – the Law Society has a database of solicitors.

Alternatively you could try Citizens Advice, Shelter or a Law Centre for free advice.


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