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heating costs £2 p/h... can I end tenancy early?

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I moved into a 1 bed flat on 3/2 (25 days ago) in that time it has cost me £130 in electric tokens. I have monitored the electric usage and it turns out the problem is my heating; it costs me £2 per hour to have it on. now my radiators look just like usual gas central heating. I am really struggling to insert a picture of my heating system but it is a very small orange boiler about 30cm tall with a long white electric looking panel that says “heatrea sadia on it” I first bought this to my landlord’s attention abour 2 weeks into the tenancy to which she sent over a plumber to see if he could find any problems (which he didn’t) the next step was to send in an electrician who said he had never seen the type of heating system I have in my flat and tells me it is a 9kw system and uses around the same amount of electricity as an electric shower.?

my first question is; can anyone confirm for me that the type of heating system I have isn’t cost efficient?

my second question is; is there any way I can get out of my 6 month tenancy in the first month as it is simply impossible for me to be able to afford the cost of the electric. I have spoken to my landlord who has offered me another property but the other property is too far from my place of work. To be honest I just want to leave ASAP as every day I spend there costs me an average of £5 in electricity!

thank you for any help

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Only a certified electrician / boiler engineer can tell you if your boiler is efficient or not. They know how to measure the input and output of energy and compare this to modern standards of efficiency. 

Do you have a copy of the EPC ? It should have information about how energy efficient your property is. 

From 2015, it’s a legal requirement for any landlord to provide a copy of the EPC upon move in. 

However, I’m not sure that any of this will help you get out of your property, as fixed terms are generally hard to break, unless there is a break clause in the contract. That one is rarely found on 6-month-tenancies, so no luck here either. 

The best course of action is to consider the alternative property your landlord proposes and endure the 6-month tenancy, upon which you can choose to move into a property you like more. 

The law protects tenants whose heating or hot water has stopped or is disrupted, but unfortunately doesn’t say much about high bills and energy efficiency. 

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