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Heating during winter holiday

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I post my question here since I couldn’t find better topic.

We live in Scotland. We are going to a holiday for 6 days next week. I asked my landlord what does he recommend about the heating, he said we should turn off, because any issue can come up. But I’m concerned about the pipes, and when I asked him, he wrote me, he doesn’t think if the indoor temperature will be under 0 degrees. Also he wrote me that we shouldn’t leave the house unattended for more than 12 hours, so if anything happens it will be our responsibility, since we can’t report the problem as soon as it occurs, and the risk is ours if we decide to go on a holiday.

The living room radiator is really bad, we can’t even feell when it’s on, while the bedroom one works good at the same time. We’re in two jumpers etc in the evening usually. When we moved in April, we asked him about, and he said the building is really old, and the pipes are not the best, there is nothing really that he could do, and we thought back then that maybe if we will heat and cook etc regularly it will be alright.

The reason we asked him about the boiler is because it drops pressure to slightly below 1.0 regularly if I don’t maintain it 1-2 times a day (open the small tap on the pipe just under the boiler).

What should we do? We’re on a holiday for 6 days soon, and we don’t know if we leave the boiler on and the low pressure will cause any problem, we will have to pay or not. If we turn off as he said, but the pipes freeze, are we going to be responsible for it?

P.S.: In January we are going away for another 12 days, I’m already in panic, because it’s goin to be twice as long and probably it will be much colder as well.

Sorry for making it so long, and thanks for any advice


Can you arrange a friend of a colleague to drop in every couple of days to make sure nothing has exploded or leaked ?

Your landlord is correct that you’re responsible for the property while you occupy. If an accident occurs you have to report it ASAP, so the landlord can do repairs and minimise the damage. 

However, if you’re not there and a pipe bursts on the second day, there is going to a lot of water in there and by the time anybody reacts the property might have become uninhabitable. 

It’s not only the property, but all of your belongings too that can suffer in a flood. 

In this case, the landlord may have you accountable for some of the restoration, as you did not intervene and, for example, shut the water off, and also have not reported the accident so timely measures can be taken. 

As for your radiator and boiler problems, it’s seems like you might be able to request / demand replacements as yours are not really working too good. You can use our official guide for this. Download for free here – http://www.thetenantsvoice.co.uk/letter-templates/request-repairs-heating-and-hot-water

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