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When we moved into our flat we were told that two radiators were working and it would be sorted anyway summer came and past then winter hit us we then found out that none of the radiators worked british gas came out and condemed the gas I showed it to the landlord he sent his man out who then put it back on so we turned it off as it had been condemed we were told to not pay the rent so we missed a month the landlord suggested that we fixed it ourself when we priced it it was considerably more than the rent anyway we still have no heating and not sure were we stand  please help 


Hi Sandra

So are you up to date with the rent now? That’s important otherwise you’re in breach of your tenancy agreement.

Do you have an inventory? The landlord is obliged to repair and maintain any heating and hot water fittings and fixtures that are there when you moved in. I’m not a lawyer but I’m pretty sure he can’t pass this responsibility on to you. It’s part of what you pay your rent for. Personally, I wouldn’t take on the responsibility of a new boiler as you’d then be responsible for any future repairs and it’s not like you can take it with you when you move out.

Your landlord obviously can’t afford a new boiler so why not suggest he applies for a free boiler under these government schemes. If it were me I would also ask for a rent reduction for all the months without heating and hot water. Or just move out as he sounds like a total cowboy.


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