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Heating Restrictions

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I am 1 in 3 lodgers and our landlord lives in but only part time, he is away a lot.

He restricts heating to only twice a day, 0530-0800 and 1800-2200 but myself and another lodger are at home inside these unheated times. 

The landlord says he only pays for the heating to be on at these times and so we can not use it…he isn’t here!! We are cold.  

He also says the heating will be permanent off in March  (it is still on now )

We pay 475 pcm in dorset. 

Also, we are allowed to use the living room but both radiators are closed, permanently,  it is too cold to use, so we don’t use it.

Dies he have to provide heating in all rooms at all times during these cold months?


Yes, the general rule is that there must be available heating in the property and that living rooms should be heated to 21 C and bedrooms to 18 C.

If your rooms are colder than that, you have right to ask the landlord to turn up the heating and readjust the heating times to accommodate all tenants who are in the property. 

However, depending on your lodger agreement, you may be asked to pay for the excess heating that is not paid for by your landlord right now. 

Please download our guide on heating and hot water problems – http://www.thetenantsvoice.co.uk/letter-templates/request-repairs-heating-and-hot-water

It will help you out with your rights and responsibilities and supply you with template letters you can use, if you need to. 

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