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Heating tenant rights

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Hi just wondered if anyone can tell me if heating is on for 4 hours only in shared accomodation is legal or illegal?heating is on 8-830pm to 12mn this time of the year is it legal or illegal?


Hi Cristina

Take a look at this guide. On page 24 it mentions HMOs and states that occupants shouldn’t be exposed to excess cold and that you should be able to control the temperature in your dwelling. I would imagine that being able to control when the heating comes on is part of controlling the overall temperature of the property. This doc is guidance so doesn’t give you a legal right. However, it does indicate that you may have a hazard under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System, which would enable you to complain to the local authority, especially as you’re in an HMO. The local authority can then compel the landlord to do something to correct the situation. Given that it’s currnetly -1 outside now is a good time to make this complaint.

I’m not a lawyer so if you want legal advice you could speak to someone at a local law centre.

On a personal level I think that’s way too little heating – the coldest hours of the night are midnight to sunrise…


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