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I recently had a environmental health officer over to do an inspection. She’s written a report which the landlord has received. Does anyone know if I can have a copy of this report?

Since i received a letter from landlord saying that all doors that have been  removed to be replaced, well one of them the landlord told me to remove because it was hanging off due to it not being mounted properly and the other was a glass door which smashed but the glass wasn’t safety glass. Now is this right am I responsible for these doors, I understand that I broke the glass but shouldn’t of it been safety glass in the first place? 

He’s also saying that the housing benefit he received from council isn’t right and I owe more than what the council told me and wrote in their decision letters. I feel like he’s trying to just get as much money out of me possible because he needs to spend a lot of money on the flat to do the repairs. What should I do? Should I just pay him as he seems to come round alot banging on the door which is quite unsettling for me and kids. 

Any advice would be grateful,



Hi Hayley,

Several questions here:

Evironmental Health- they shoukd supply you with a copy of the report upon request and keep you updated on what they are doing to see resolution of any raised issues.

Doors- ypu have a duty of care for any cotents in a property. I must admit (as a highly unusual enquiry) that I am not clear on the legal parameters around glass. You would have to seek legal advice on this but I am sure the Landord is obliged to fit glass suitable for their purpose.

Rent- a commmon issue with Housing Benefot is their payment schedules. They usually pay every 4 weeks in arrears/retrospectovely whereas most tenancies require the rent to be paid monthly in advance. This therefore means that ther is a shortfall each month which you will usually need to make up, if possible, from your own pocket unless an alternative arrangement was specifically ageed to. If in doubt, you signed a tenancy agreement which should set out the requirements regarding payment of rent and this must be adhered to.

Intimidation- this is a serious matter. No Landlord is allowed to attend or enter a property without your prior consent and they should give at least 24 hours notice to do so. Do note, if they notify you they are attending on x date & time, if tyou dont decline access that is considered notice. You must allow reaosnbale access for a Landlord to address maintenance issues however you also have a right to the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of your home. Shuld the Landlord not respect this, you can report the matter to the council or, if ot still persists, your local police.

I hope that helps.

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