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Help! Evil Landlord

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I wanted to get a second opinion on something. I am normally quite prone to nice, understanding landlords however in this circumstance i really picked a a**hole.

Firstly to understand the story you need to know

1) I didnt request for my deposit to be put into a deposit scheme (neither did he encourage it)

2) He is now demanding deductions for the most bizarre things (see picture and price below)

3) I understand fair is fair and some damage may have been caused by me, but the prices being charged are clearly ridiculous and punitive.

Furthermore the house was an absolute state when I moved in (all areas!). He had his boxes in the living room for my entire tenancy and provided no dining room as they had all his stuff in. And some of his accusations are straight up ridiculous.

This is the table

He is charging me £80 for this.

Can anyone give me a second opinion. Maybe he is being fair but I am just

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