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HELP! Guarantor refusing to sign a 12 month contract letting agency will not accept 6 months!

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Hello, I was hoping someone somewhere would be able to offer any advice on my issue.

Basically we paid £270 in fees to an agency who were working on behalf of another agency it was an absolute nightmare to arrange,however it was finally resolved and we moved in paying another £1050 for rent upfront and a bond.

Despite me and my partner both renting for years previously with no rent arrears and fantastic references the company still felt a guarantor was necessary adding another £100 onto the fees. We arranged a guarantor our choices were fairly limited as we don’t have family to rely on.

Anyway we moved in and we’re informed on the day the guarantor needed to be their to sign something else even though she’d previously signed something something. Our guarantor lives in York so getting her to sign that day was another challenge but we managed it. 

Finally now we’ve been contacted to say our guarantor will only agree to 6 months not 12 this was another thing we were informed of last minute. They are now saying it has to be 12 and they won’t accept 6 even if we find someone else after 6. They are withholding the tenancy agreement which they are meant to post back with their signature so we can’t claim the part housing benefit we usually receive. I just don’t know what to do now me and my partner both start university again in September and have a little girl together and have to go to work as well as sort this mess out. The agency also want another £100 for us to get another guarantor which we cannot do. Please please help any advice greatly appreciated.

Also this rent is less than the previous rents we’ve had to pay without guarantors and in the freak event we would find ourselves with no money housing benefit would cover the entire rent. 

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Hi Faye

Can you talk to the guarantor directly and explain that you’re covered for the rent payments by the housing benefit in any event so their guarantee isn’t going to be activated? That seems like the simplest solution. 

In terms of the fees, what are they charging the £100 for? If it’s to draw up a guarantor agreement you already have that as presumably they did it for the first guarantor so you can query that. If it’s to credit check etc the guarantor then you may have to try and appeal to their better nature and ask them for a discount as none of this is your fault.

Can you afford to pay the second six months of rent in advance? That might also solve the problem, although obviously it’s a big ask.


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