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Help! Landlord is useless and stealing.

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Hi there, my old landlord has confused me with another tenant. I moved out the apartment in 2014 and my friend moved in with the person I was living with. He just gave me my half of the deposit back as the landlord was lazy and was only concerned with making sure the rent was paid. I assured him it would be and we arranged the deposit together so all he has to do is have them sign the contract. My problem is, he decided to sell the falt late last year and has refused my friends the deposit claiming I exchange a months rent with the deposit! I have every single payment on my bank details, I’ve never missed one. I have tried to explain to him it must be the couple that was in before as when I moved in there were bailifs coming to the flat all the time looking for them! He’s being a pain giving back their money, so I loaned my friends the 1000 for their new landlord, but now he owes it to me and is being ever so difficult! What are my rights here? I have said I will show him and the estate agent all of my bank statements which shows I never missed a payment, but he is taking very long to sort it out.

The other issue is my friends living in that house have paid their rent twice in august, the old landloard sold the falt and my friends ended up paying him the rent money but later found out the money was supposed to go to the new landlord, the money for the first payment to the wrong landlord never was sent back and they had to pay out money again to the new landlord – that’s two payments! Can you please help me with our rights and what we can all do?

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Hi Gauri

This sounds quite complicated – I think it might be a good idea to get some advice from a solicitor or someone with legal knowledge. There are a number of places to try including Citizens Advice, Shelter and a law centre. If the amount you’re owed is quite large then you could speak to a solicitor – your initial meeting should be free (check that first) and they might be willing to do the legal work on a no win no fee  basis i.e. they don’t get paid unless they win. Sometimes this kind of action is the only way to spur a landlord/agent into getting their act together.


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