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Help! Letting agent asking for more money after already paying?

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Hello all

Hoping someone can help me with some advice.

I will try to summarise as best as possible:

When myself and 4 others found a house to rent, I was told that because I am self-employed, I needed a guarantor… This was fine, but both myself and my guarantor were told that they would only be the guarantor for me, not the entire house or any other tenants. 

8 months later, one of the tenants moved out and another one came in, a new contract had to be signed, and I was phoned and asked if my guarantor was okay being the guarantor again. Assuming it was just for me, I agreed. But when the new contract came in and I checked it over, they had added a line into the new contract that made him the guarantor for the entire house.  

Upon phoning the letting agent to find out what happened, they said he had been a guarantor for the whole house the entire time (not just for me as I was told). When I mentioned the additional change in the new contract, they first denied it and then said that they just “casually” didn’t add that line in the first time, and it doesn’t mean anything…

Despite this feeling very shady, and both my self and my guarantor feel like we have been lied to, they told us we were over exaggerating because nothing wrong had happened so far. 

They then said that in order for me to not need a guarantor, I would need to get referenced and pay a fee £102.

Even though I feel like I shouldn’t have had to pay this in the first place, I did. But first, I doubled checked that after paying the £102 fee, there would be no more extra fees, and no one else would need to get referenced, and no one else would need to pay. I have this written in a email from one of the members of staff.

I received a receipt of payment the next day, and then nothing. Almost two weeks later I received a phone call saying that actually the entire house now needs to get referenced and everyone needs to pay again, because it would change the landlord’s insurance. Is this right? When a new tenant moved in and the contract was updated it didn’t change and I was specifically was promised no one else would have to pay and have written evidence of this.

Every member of that company is telling us something different and now I don’t trust anything they have to say. 

Do I have to pay? Essentially they’re asking for another £510, even though they lied to us about the contract in the first place! 

Any help much appreciated! 


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You have in writing that no more fees would be required. Also, you have a right about the guarantor. They were never asked to be a guarantor for the house, only for you. 

This is very different, and if you wait for anything wrong to happen, it’s going to be too late to act.

You can demand a better resolution. Try to contact the landlord and ask for his assistance. Don’t let the letting agent push you around.

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