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Help needed urgently!! landlady not wanting to go ahead with tenancy although contracts are signed and monies transferred

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My partner and I were due to move to a new house with the contract starting yesterday (private rental). On Thursday we met with the landlady, signed the contract with a witness present, transferred the deposit and first months rent and were given the keys.
On Friday I went to the house with my mum and we noticed the house needed some basic maintenance done to it (such as painting and cleaning etc) so I sent the landlady an email asking whether the maintenance would be done or whether we would be expected to do it ourselves.
I then got a phone call from the landlady saying that she was not going to go ahead with the tenancy because she ‘didn’t need the hassle’ and will be changing the locks. This now means we have no house to move to and we will become homeless in a weeks’ time. There are no other suitable houses available either! I am 30 weeks pregnant too and the stress is unreal!!
Is she legally allowed to do this? 
I am planning to go to citizens advice in the morning to get some advise but does anyone know anything about this or gone through it themselves? I’m so worried about it all!

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You have entered into a contract with her which is signed and witnessed and legally binding.

Was there any statement to the condition of the property ie inventory and did you and the landlady inspect it before signing the contract ?

It does not bode well for future dealings with this landlady if she is not able to address your concerns sensibly and reassuringly. Renting property to tenants is a business and landlord’s should treat this as such. She cannot just change her mind once a contract is signed. 

Did she put your deposit into a deposit scheme ? Did she issue you with a gas safety certificate and energy rating for the property which all landlords are now obliged to give you?

I sincerely hope this issue is resolved quickly for you.


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