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help!! on a deposit return

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Hi I wonder if someone can help. I moved into a property on the 5/11/2013 and due to problems with the house; damp, rats, boiler, bad repairs I was granted to leave the tenancy early. I left the property this week did the handover with the landlords agent who agreed that the house was in condition but she couldn’t confirm if there would be any deductions. The house was cleaner than what it was when I moved in!
I am in desperate need of the money back as I had paid it into my new house so I have been leaving messages for the agent to come back to me to confirm what I would be getting returned. Now £20 was deducted as I had paid £20 less from my rent because there was a repair to the cooker which was reported to the agents in January still hadn’t been done in fact it was passed on a gas safe check when gas safe said it should have been noted and also a leak in the roof which was making the cealing in back bedroom bow hadn’t been rectified either so I said I wasn’t happy about this in email before I left but I had no response and they weren’t budging so I have gurudgingly accepted this.
Today after chasing they have told me that they will be deducting £200 from the bond because I had a dog in the property that I hadn’t told them about. There was a dog however it was one I was looking after-when the maintainace manager came in the property I told him this and he never said that if I kept the dog there would be a cost and he was fully aware I was looking after him.
Where do I stand on this I have now seen my tenancy and it does say animals/birds need permission but no where does it say the amount?

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As far as having Dogs in rented and leased flats, it is something that can make you in breach of contract, as you need to obtain permission from landlord/agent before entering into agreement. I have a dog in my flat, but technically he is only in residence with me 3-4 days per week, so i had permission.
As far as deducting money from your deposit without your permission, well that is illegal as your deposit should be registered by law with a Government backed guarantee scheme (Have a look at website And money can only be taken when all parties agree, if no agreement is made the disputed amount is handed to dispute resolutions, and each party is given opportunity to send in their evidence to support their claim, the undisputed amount is returned to the tenant within 10 days of vacating property, which is how long they have to return your deposit at end of tenancy, failure to do this means you can be awarded a payment of up to 3 times the deposit amount.

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