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Help on a tennancy

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Hi-if you have seen my posts before then yes I have had a bad run with letting agents.

I moved into a house in Feb this year. The letting agents is a well known chain/franchise. When I went to look at the house I asked about the neighbours as the house next door looked a little dodgy and was told that the landlords got on well with them and the neighbours were upset when they left the house and I asked their reason for moving I was told it was because they wanted a bigger house. After looking at the house I wanted to go away and think about it but the agent told me it would be gone by tomorrow and if I paid the referencing fees (or part of) he would hold property and make the application and then he assured me the property was mine.

That did happen however the day I moved in I heard a lot of loud music from the next door. I assumed because the house had been empty for a few weeks it was because they were used to it.

This didn’t change after the first week. I was also told by other people who live in the area that the landlords moved from the house because of the next door neighbours-not making any assumptions I bared with it thinking it would calm down in a few days.

It didn’t the noise is on and off all day and night but extremely loud, one bedroom cannot be used because the noise is so bad on a night. The people who live in the house are foreign and do not work -noise is not the only issue. They do drugs, watch me from the window or over the wall and wee in their garden and have thrown things over and I also suspect they have been in the garden. Living alone and being female I find this quite intimidating.

I have complained to the council and I am in part now putting a complaint through, however I called my agents to advise this and mentioned my first conversation with him about the neighbours and he denied all knowledge of saying this and said he would never comment on personal relationships. He clearly did as I would have never taken the house.

Recently my friend tried to talk to the neighbours about the noise and she was told that it was why the landlords left the house and that someone was threatened with a baseball bat. (not sure who however).

I have had a very bad run recently with houses and I don’t want this to go on – I don’t feel safe in this house im not sleeping because of the noise and cant sleep in the room I should do because of the noise and anything that can be done via councils etc. will take a very long time so I just want to move. The tenancy doesn’t end until August – is there anyway I can be freed from the tenancy earlier?

I have also checked and it looks like my bond hasn’t been protected.

Could someone give me some helpful advice?

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Hi Louise, we are really sorry to hear this.

Rest assured there are steps you can take to resolve this issue. You do not have to put up with this behaviour.

Firstly, your letting agent’s priority in this situation is to act in the best interests of the landlord and as such are restricted in helping you. However, a good letting agent would have told you to seek professional advice in this matter.

To take action, you need to write a letter to your landlord. Keep a copy of this for your own records. All landlords must take reports of anti-social behaviour seriously. If private landlords do not respond to complaints of antisocial behaviour in relation to their tenants, then the local authority can serve an antisocial behaviour notice (ASBN) on the landlord.

Follow the link below to our article on making complaints about anti-social behaviour. It includes information on complaining to your landlord, the local authority and the police. There are also links to other helpful websites. If you haven’t already, start documenting incidents and issues with details of time, date and type of complaint.

If your neighbours are tenants themselves, they could face eviction for breaking the rules of their tenancy agreement.

With regards to your bond, were you provided with all the details of the Government Protection Scheme? If not, see our article on what to do.

Your landlord can be fined if your deposit was not put into an approved scheme and if it goes to court you can receive up to 3 times the amount in compensation. Write a letter to the letting agent telling them that you have checked the details they gave you but the deposit is not protected. They will be sure to act quickly.

If this problem is causing you too much upset and you want to break your tenancy agreement before the fixed term, then we strongly advise you to contact Shelter for professional advice before you do this, as you could still be liable for paying rent even after you have vacated the property.

All the best of luck and let us know how you get on.


The above represents my own opinion, derived from personal knowledge and should not be relied upon as definitive or accurate advice. It is offered free of charge and may contain errors or omissions or be an inaccurate opinion of the law. I accept no liability for any loss or damage suffered as a result of relying on the above.

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