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Help please

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Hi I moved into my property in August 2014 when i moved in I made the landlord aware of a few things ie no plug in the bathroom sink, no seal around the shower door kitchen cupboard doors coming off the hinges sliding wardrobe door big glass thing has come off the runners. Still 2 years on I am waiting for these things to be sorted during the 2 years i have found the door pins in the hinges are coming out and i have had tomatoes one of for safety of my kids, hole in the wall in my kids room she said she would send me expandable foam never did so I did it myself. Radiator in the kids room leaking she told me to get 3 quotes and then she would tell me which one I could pay for. The gas safety certificate ran out in June 2015 was finally done may 2016 I still don’t have a copy the fires have been condemned buy the gas man but no labels or disconnection carried out and boiler needs servicing but nothing now the toilet keeps filling and my water bill is going sky high the landlord has already transfered a water bill of £1000 for 6 months usage from before I moved into my property into my name. Please help she wants to put the rent up from £700 pm to £1000 what can i do 

Many thanks

J x

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Hi Jude,

A lot of issues here…

Maintennace- all Landlords are contractually obliged to maintain the property and carry out essential repairs. If they dont do so in a reasonable timeframe then this should be reported to your local council Environmental Health Dept to attend, investigate and enforce accordingly.

Gas- this is serious and the Landord is legally obliged to provide you with a certificate AND carry out any essential works. Again, this can be reported to EH at your local council. She also cannot serve notice on you or change the terms of the contract without this.

Deposit- with all the other issues, have you made sure your Security Deposit has been registered with 1 of the 3 government authorised schemes? This is essential, all Landlords must do so within 28 days of receiving the funds and much then supply you with a registration certificate, prescribed info document (for you to sign), scheme pamphelt and a government leaflet on renting. Failing to do ANY of these oints is a breach of regulations and can be reported.

Rent- this cannot be altered without your consent. Simpe as that. As stated, she aslo cant serve ntice currently. Do also be aware that UK Landlords must give tenants a minimujm of 2 months written notice.

Bills- make sure you have meter readings from when you moved in and take  during your stay. £1000 water for 6 months is insane with most annual water bills around £350-400. You shoukld report this matter and also notify your Landlord that they are aware for any costs above normal use for failure to address and resolve maintenance issues.

If in doubt seek legal advice but I would start with your local EH department.

Good Luck and I hope thats helpful!

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