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Help us get our money back!

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We moved into a property at the end of April. The cooker didn’t work when we got there and there were lots of other problems like the toilet seats were broken and the toilet bowl was loose on one of them. The letting agent told us that the carpets had been cleaned 3 times professionally but when I went over it with a vax you couldn’t see through the water and both me and my husband were bitten. I went to the letting agents with the problems. The response from the landlord was that he was only going to fix the cooker but do nothing else about the rest (the aerial didn’t work so we couldn’t even watch tv) and if we didn’t like it we could leave the tenancy early. We took him up on the offer so we could get out of there and found somewhere else to live. We have it in writing that the landlord agreed to give us our deposit back and £400 of our rent. However we moved out three weeks ago and still haven’t seen any of the money. I contacted the deposit protection service and we have just requested repayment ( the money had to be in there for 28 days) and the letting agent has said they have sent several emails to the landlord, who lives abroad. It was mentioned last week that he said a toilet seat was broken and that he had raised a dispute but like I said before we had stated it was broken when we first moved in. I just feel that the landlord is stalling giving our money back and the letting agents aren’t doing enough to get things sorted out. The boiler broke in our last week so we didn’t have hot water for 3 days. We we’re going to go quietly but I am going to be speaking to environmental health as there were insufficient smoke alarms and the wiring was really dangerous. The electrician that fixed the boiler said we were lucky it burnt out as the wiring wasn’t right and we could have had a fire. I wasn’t prepared to stay there as we have a 3 month old baby and we needed to be somewhere safe, clean and comfortable. I’m getting frustrated with the situation and wondered if there’s anything more I can do! Sorry for waffling only, I’m so fed up!

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If the letting agent is a member of a professional association such as National Approved Lettings Scheme, Association of Residential Letting Agents or National Association of Estate Agents I would suggest you write to them with your complaint.

Let the agent know that you will be doing this and it might just spur them into action!

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