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Help with landlord

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I am a studentand lived with 3 other friends in the rented property for 2 years before deciding to move out this year. Everything was great up till around 2 months ago when our tenancy was coming to an end, and its getting worse.

We left the house in June after our exams but all of us were going to return to the property before the tenancy runs out in august.

The landlord in the meantime has let herself in the house and splashed out a load of expenses. She’s repainted my whole room (I think she plans on repainting the house). She said the pain was ruined but it wasnt, and I dont have pictures to prove this because I didnt think i’d need any.

She’s also hiring professional cleaners to clean the whole house and also wants to charge those in our deposits.

She’s blaming all sort of damage on us and saying we’ve ruined the carpets etc which we haven’t.

She is also saying if she doesn’t have all this repair work finished by august, she’s gonna start charging the next month’s rent from our deposit as well.

She also hasn’t told us where our deposit is held. I asked last week politely and asked her to text me the name of the company but she never did. I have a feeling she may not have protected it.

She’s doing all this without us even knowing. It’s only because one of my friend (also a tennnant) went back for a week and the whole house is being revamped and he landlord was giving off at her and saying how we shouldn’t expect any deposit back. But I know we have been very nice and clean tennants.

We didn’t take any pictures before leaving because we didn’t expect anything like this. Is there anything we can do?

I will be grateful for any help


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Not having the pictures to prove is a nasty position to be in, HOWEVER,

does the landlord have move in inventory done ? Does SHE have any pictures ? 

If she doesn’t, then she can’t prove anything, thus she can’t claim your deposit if you go to court.

Second, if she hasn’t protected your deposit, you’re actually in luck, because you can claim between 1-3x the deposit amount from the court easily. Given the situation and her approach, I’d be looking at the higher end of the range.

Here is a guide for your to read:

This is useful only when you have your deposit protected, but give it a scroll – it contains important info about the inventory and check out process:

Finally, I can link you to a solicitor that deals with unprotected deposits and compensation claims. 

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