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Im new to this and was wanting as much advice as possible please? Me and my partner moved into a private rented property 5 months ago. Since we moved in we haven’t had any heating or hot water. Despite asking him several times he just says the house is what it is and that he can’t afford to repair the boiler. The house is freezing!! You can even see your breath it’s that cold. We gave him a £500 deposit which hasn’t been paid into a secure account, which I have found out that legally he must do? He also fitted a gas cooker, after we bombarded him with messages to replace the one he admittedly got from a skip! After he had installed it, he put washing up liquid on the end of a pipe thing and said that no gas was coming out so was fine?! We haven’t seen any gas certificates or anything like that? The last time I asked him if he could get someone to come and have a look at the boiler he called me and was extremely abusive, and then said if you want heat il tell you what il do il burn the F@*#ing house down. Which was very intimidating. We informed the police of this but they didn’t wasn’t to aggravate the situation any further and just logged it down. He also does not want any trace of the rent, so we have to pay him cash in hand every month. We have signed a contract with him, which he printed off the Internet and we do get hand written receipts for the money handed over every month. An environmental health officer has just been to do an inspection and has said it’s not satisfactory. Any advice on what I can do next?

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My advice would be to move out as soon as possible. If he hasn’t protected your deposit he could be fined up to 3x the deposit amount so he’ll probably jump at the chance of letting you go early in return for your full deposit.


If the environmental health finds it not satisfactory what will usually occur is she will write to him with what she views as unsatisfactory. Then if he is not co operative she will serve him depending on the risk as to how severe it is classed. when she does he will have a certain time frame within which to comply with what is asked. This will probably upset him however as a tenant you do have a right to live in fit living conditions. He may say he wants you out however he is not able to just throw you out and he is not just allowed to enter the premises without permission.


He has already told us that he has spent it and that we can just stay in the house rent free for a month when we hand our notice in. We certainly want to move out ASAP as there are even more issues with the house I haven’t even mentioned!! Like the washing machine flooding the kitchen twice, which he said it wasn’t his problem, and because he didn’t have anywhere to put the washing machine when we moved in we got lucky and he left it. Despite me having to sell the one I already had as he was leaving his! With regards to the cooker, someone owed him money, and when they were out he swapped the cookers over without even asking them!! Which they certainly wouldn’t have agreed to as the state it was in was appalling. The EH officer said there are a lot of things that needs doing with the house. But the main thing is the heating and hot water at the moment as it’s so cold 🙁

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