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Hidden fee's imposed by letting agent

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A long story short, I’ve had a tenancy removed from my tenancy agreement.

I was told by my letting agent that I would have to pay a fee to be re-referenced to ensure I can still afford the property on my own, fair enough!

The letting agent told me “I will find out the fee and let you know” … “The fee will be £90 – I will send you the reference form now”.

I filled the form out and returned it, to which I got an email saying “Actually the fee is £124, not £90 as previously mentioned” – To which I replied that I expect the original fee to be honoured, it was.

I can not find ANYWHERE that states my letting agent’s fee and my contract doesn’t contain any information on which fee’s are payable and when??

Is this classed as unfair and can something be done about it?


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Try to look it on the estate agent’s website. 

If it is listed there, as it should, you cannot do anything really. You can demand that the original agreement was for 90 pounds and it’s unfair to raise the price after you’ve given your consent to a different one. Pope that you’re more stubborn than your agent. 

If the agent’s website has no mention of the fee or better – lists the old one – you have a stronger claim. 

Still, if the agent denies to service you for not paying the desired fee, there is really nothing you can do, but to contact the landlord and ask for their help. After all, the agent is simply a mediator, not a decision maker. 




I did pay the £90 fee for the referencing.

Is it a legal requirement that a letting agent had their fee’s listed publically?


In my opinion, they seem to make the fee’s up as they go along as the letting agent “had to ask her manager” for him to say £90 when it should have been £124?

It seems that they make the fee’s up as they go along..


When I first took the tenancy out, I had to pay £300 for myself and my partner to be referenced, surely they could have used my original reference?


To me it seems they impose fee’s when they feel like it.


Yes, it is a legal requirement for all letting agents to publicize their fees on their websites. Otherwise, the ASA can fine them, I think up to 5000 pounds.

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