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Holding deposit

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Hi. Just after a bit of advice. 

Landlady is selling and Had end of tenancy inspection today after with her and agenvy after 4 years at property.

It got heated. House passed eventually, but I had a couple of bulky items which local council are picking up end of week. Which was on lawn on the inspection. Landlady said everything should be gone from property. I explained it was being picked up end of week.

I removed items to public footpath . Is that deemed as off property

they’re holding my deposit.to see if items get picked up. Surely if it’s off property they can’t do that 

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Just make sure the council picks them up and you will surely receive your deposit. 

In any case, the landlord is allowed to have 10 days, after the end of the tenancy, to make sure the property is in acceptable conditions, before returning your deposit. 

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