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Homeless with health conditions

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I am asking this question for a friend. I am sorry if it’s in the wrong place.

My friend is a 37 year old transgender male. She was born male but wishes to be female. She has had no physical changes done due to health conditions. She changed her name legally to a female name and has gone out dressed as a female and been verbally and physically abused for doing so. 

She has physical health problems peripheral neuropathy and has had 5 tia strokes. 

She has mental health problems depression borderline personality disorder agoraphobia and ptsd. She self harms and has panic attacks. She has attempted suicide in more than one occasion. 

She has been listed as vulnerable adult and is on esa and enhanced pip for care and mobility. 

She does not have a local connection to anywhere in the uk. 

She left her house because of a sexual assault, because of physical and verbal abuse and because of her mental health problems she can be impulsive. 

She has no family 

she is homeless 

she went to the council presented as homeless and they said that the couldn’t help her because she made herself homeless but she is not happy to go back to where she lived. 

She filled in a form for social housing and is still waiting on a decision from that. 

She has been trying to find a private but it’s not easy as no one seems to accept people n housing benefit and unemployed. 

She is voluntarily in a psychiatric ward following a suicide attempt: 

 I would just like to know is there anything I can do to help my friend? Is there anything my friend can do? 

Does anyone know if they can get social housing? 

Does anyone know if my friend will just be left to sleep on the streets when discharged from hospital? 

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This is very specific situation, where our knowledge for renting is practically useless. 

The best thing you can do for your friend is to take her home (your home) if possible and assist her in finding a permanent employment, so she can then stabilise her financial situation and look into renting a private property like everybody else. 

There is certainly no magic trick anyone can do for her, aside provide her shelter and comfort so she can slowly repair her broken health, mind and integrate into society. 

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