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Hot Water

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i am renting a small house in Camberley. I ave lived here for 18 months and up until a few months ago my hot water was hot 

I love to have a bath, not a shower person also the house is not easy to heat as no double glazing. The bathroom is cold only a towel heat rail.  I have been trying to get my landlord since last winter to get controls on the radiators and eventually he had the put in a months ago. I thought the plumber that came would be able to sort out the water problem but he said it needed a proper boiler engineer. It was serviced yesterday and the engineer said he could not get it hotter as the type of boiler you can not adjust the temperature. I explained up until 2 months ago the water was much hotter while running a bath I woul have to put cold water on as well. Not it is only Luke warm. My landlord does not like spending money and I know it is expensive to install a new 

my question is he he responsible to do it as the thought of not been able to have a bath is upsetting to me. My rent is not cheap and I have just signed another year long lease  any advice appreciated 

warm wishes Bee 

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The landlord is absolutely responsible for maintaining the heating and hot water supply in good working order. The same way they are responsible for all repairs in the property. 

However, if there is available hot water in your property, albeit not as hot as you’d like it, it might be very difficult to get your landlord to invest more money in proper features.

We have a guide that helps tenants get their landlord on the go fixing the heating and hot water, but it really kind of deals with severe problems, such as total loss of heating and hot water. That’s because to get the landlord to do repairs, you need the help of the Environmental Health department. However, they only deal with very severe problems and hazardous properties. 

This means they are unlikely to take interest in your request, unfortunately…

Still you might find the information inside useful. It’s free for download at this page –

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