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Hot water issue in rented property - What are our rights ??

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We have been in a rented property for the last few years and have been having a lot of issues with the hot water system.

We do get hot water but as soon as the tank empties it does not fill back up straight away, we are often left without hot water for 2 / 3 days until it unblocks itself.

After getting various people to look at it, the first person wasnt told the correct problem and we were even invoiced for the contractor to come out!!! But eventually we were told that the system needs replacing. We have confirmation of this by email, but we are still left in the property with the same issue!!!

We really just want to move out of the property now, the estate agents have said the issue isnt getting fixed yet because it is going to cost over £3000 and the landlord wants more quotes, but this has been a month already how long can it take to get quotes in?!

So we are told that to move out we need to pay £180 to re advertise BUT even then the property is not in a fit state to get a new tennant in until the water is fixed so we have to continue paying the rent until they can move in. So essentially we would be out of the property and paying rent to contribute to fix the water problem that has forced us out!

Is there nothing we can do to get out of the contract without all of these fees? We are just sick at the moment! In the process of buying a house and really cant afford to be paying more rent and advertising fees when we have been told the property isnt suitable for new tennants yet!

Thanks for any help!



Hello Chris,

I assume that you’re still in your fixed term, in which case, you can’t really break free unless you obey the landlord’s terms. The proposed terms, are, of course, preposterous, and I understand your frustration. 

However, the law doesn’t accommodate for tenants breaking up the contract. 

You can’t move out, but you CAN GET REPAIRS:

We have published a PDF guide for cases just like yours. It takes you on a journey that ends with you contacting the local council and requesting help with resolving this disrepair. 

It’s not fast. Or not as fast as you would like it, but it offers a solution to your heating and hot water problem. 

Please download it form this page and follow along –

I’m sure you can skip directly to letter before action.


Thanks very much for your reply. We sent them the letter on Monday and they just responded to say that the complaint has been received.


We are only in the property until August now, at the moment we are in the middle of purchasing a house so were hoping that an agreement could have just been made to leave the property a few months early. It would have been benificial for the landlord if we moved out a few months earlier I would have thought, its in a very student area so if we were out in June they would have a better chance of a quick rental and owuld have time to fix the water system and get people in without any hassles. But they wanted to charge us £180 to re advertise the flat and then we would still be responsible for payments until someone els emoves in! The time frame just makes it silly for us to even consider doing this so we are just trying to push the move in date back until July now so we are more in line!

Cant wait to be out of rented properties! The estate agent has just argued about everything, got to the stage where I just want to shout at them because I cant eblieve they arent taking an issue where no hot water is available seriously!

They gave this reply last month, couldnt believe it!

As previously advised there are no solutions to addressing the issue.

Again I can confirm that I have asked our contractor to keep me updated if any solutions become available to the market which will be installed as soon as they do.

These are not excuses Chris, as clear as I possibly can be I am stating that the issue with the hot water does not have any means of addressing at the moment

Honestly I thought going through an estate agent rather than private would mean that there was no hassles like this, surely they cannot just answer there is no solution to fixing hot water! Of course there was, it was so obvious a new system needed to be installed! It’ll all be over soon and I can worry about our own boiler system breaking and not being able to fix it ha!



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