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I have not had hot water since Easter.  I have reported this to the letting agent and have 6 contractors attend the property.  The contractors advised that the reason was for no water is due to timings on my electric meter.  I arranged for a new electricity meter to be installed to find out the timings on the previous meter were fine and me not having hot water is nothing to do with the electric meter.  Again I have informed the letting agent they have now decided to get a second opinon.

I did with hold £95.00 of my rent but I was told that I was in breach of my tenancy agreement, I made this payment up and have paid full rent for May as well, but the hot water situation has not changed.

I now have asked for compensation or a rent reduction for the next three months, I am still waiting to confirm whether they will offer me anything.  Can I withold some rent money without having threats that I will be taken to court.  I have lived in the flat 3 years and paid 5 months rent deposit.

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Hi Sue,

I’m sorry to hear your without hot water.  

It is your landlords responsiblity to provide you with hot water. 

It is always best to report any disrepair problems in writing. By all means tell your landlord in person or by phone, but follow it up with a letter. Date your letter and keep a copy. This way, if you have problems getting your landlord to do the work, you can at least prove s/he was aware of the problem.

A couple of things you can do are:

Contact the council, most have a Tenancy Relations Officer (TRO). TRO can help with landlords breaking the law. Complain to the council’s enviromental health department and ask for an inspection.

You may also be able to use alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) to settle your dispute with your landlord without taking legal action.

Hope this helped, good luck 🙂 


Hi Sue

To add to the above, you shouldn’t withold your rent under any circumstances as that will be a breach of your tenancy agreement and you could be asked to leave. You can always seek compensation after you’ve left as the landlord is in breach of their part of the tenancy by not providing you with hot water.


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