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House affected with Crawling insects

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I recently moved in a flat at Ilford. its a 1 Bedroom house (ground floor) with a garden.  less than two week,i have found there are spiders and crawling insects whic i am uncomfortable about it.

I am not comfortable to stay/ live in that house. but i have signed a 12 month agreement. the landlord has ignored the complaint that i have raised. he is not interested in to go for any repair/pest control.

what best i can do? my skin is developing irritations due to this. my wife isnt comfrtable as well. she is the one who is most affected as she is there all day long.

i dont want to create dispute between landlord and myself. he is seem to be good/nice person. but he has ignored the fact about pest/vermin/spiders in his house.

what should i do? kindly advise and many thanks



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