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Housing affordability

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Could you share the results with us  (The Tenants’ Voice) ? 

I’d love to write a blog post on this topic, discussing the results. 


Yes i am in this age…. But i am confuse about your Plan..


I understand completely the problems of this age group – our housing structure is appalling and will not improve in the near future, but “ALL” renters, or the majority of renters whether 18-34 or 38-58 are trapped by high rents, fees, short tenancy’s with no real protection or security..all thanks to the 1988 housing act which was amended/changed to encourage private landlords by removing tenants rights to any long term security or able to complain about anything without fear of losing a roof over their head at the end of their AST… It may have been more palatable in 1988 with the housing market more accessible than it is now – mortgages easy to come buy, and house prices more obtainable for the average person, but this does not apply now. The 1988 housing act needs urgently reforming.

By the way not all baby boomers have their own property, and those that don’t me included, spend over 50% of their salary on rent, but without having healthy years ahead to try and change this. All ages need protecting, whoever rents, has to rent for whatever reason must be protected and given longer term security.

MY petition if you wish to sign it:  Click this link to sign the petition:


My petition:

The 1988 Housing Act is outdated to meet 21st century housing needs

The housing act of 1988 is completely outdated and does not reflect the needs of private renters in 2017. Renters are subject to AST no security, high rents and frequent rent increases.The1988 housing act was created to attract private landlords by changing tenants rights. It now needs reforming.

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