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Housing Benefit & 6 month advance payment

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Hi all,

Hoping you can offer me some advice – I am extremely concerned.

The wheels are in motion for me to move into a new flat (immiently).  

As I have a long term disability which prevents me from working ( and am in receipt of ESA support category and enhanced PIP), I will be paying my rent with Housing Benefit. Because of this, I require a guarantor. Unfortunately, my parents have just unexpectedly failed the credit check. I am absolutely devastated.

The only other option is for me to pay 6 months advance rent – in which case, I do not need a guarantor. 

If I do pay 6 months advance rent before moving into the property, will I still be entitled to Housing Benefit? My elderly grandmother has offered to loan me the money, providing I will still recieve LHA with which I will be able to pay her back. Will I be able to do this?

Will I be ineligible for housing benefit for the six months I have paid in advance? I am claiming for the first time.

Any advice will be most appreciated!!

Thank you x


I would contact your local housing benefit office to get the information, they are the experts in this field after all. I don’t want to give you any information which could be wrong.

On the upside you have a loan from a family member and 6 months rent in advance, so this allows you plenty of time to sort things out.



As mentioned above, the local housing benefit office is probably a good bet. Shelter may also be able to help, or Citizens Advice.

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