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Housing Benefit = Bad Accommodation

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I am claiming housing benefit & my question is why is it because I am claiming housing benefit I have to live in bad accommodation? The place I currently live in is a shared house and without exaggerating apart from the odd one every tenant that lives here or who has lived here is either on drugs, are ex-convicts including one that was on house arrest, play loud music 24/7, have fights because people drink all day etc.  I end with little or no sleep on a fairly regular basis & because I am this strange phenomenon & want to work & have in fact had the odd piece of temp work I feel like a zombie nearly all the time not to mention scared (I am in actual fact female.) I did move out about 18 months ago to a self-contained studio flat & after having breathed a sigh of relief because I was finally out of here that only lasted 24 hours as not only did I have most of my clothes stolen but once again all the other tenants took drugs & after my clothes were stolen I felt very unsafe unfortunately I then ended up moving back here.

So my question is why is it so difficult to find what I describe as normal people like me who just happen to be unemployed?  I am desperate to move out but both experiences have put me off because I am worried that I’ll end up in the same situtation again and all because it is so difficult to find a deeccent landlord who accepts housing benefit as yes admitedly my landlord is part of the problem because he, in fact, couldn’t care less but you don’t know any of this until you move in & then it’s too late!

I have tried to find a self-contained or 1-bedroom flat again but most of them don’t include bills (my landlord pays all of ours), want massive deposits not to mention fees plus a guarantor which I can’t provide because I am estranged from my family so sharing appears to be my only option.

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