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How long before I can claim?

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My tenancy ended on 15th April, the letting agent came to do the final inspection and found everything to be in order according to comparison with the check in inventory. The carpets were cleaned as agreed on the tenancy agreement. The following day, the landlord went to the property and has dreamed up some problems. Some of them I will agree to, but some are just downright lies. I think he’s got the hump because I refused to submit to his demands for entry all over easter for no good reason.

Anyway, I replied to the agent putting my side; I agreed to some of the costs and as I received no reply from the landlord by the 22nd April, I submit a claim to the Deposit Protection Service, who hold the money, for just under half. I have still received no response and am wondering how long I have to wait before submitting a further claim. 

I have read the FAQ on the DPS website and have rung them, but I must admit I am finding it confusing. It seems to be saying that he has until 14 days from the end of the tenancy, but I cannot be sure. I rang them to make sure I started the claim properly and I would rather not ring them again.


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