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How LOng can a disrepair case go on

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My housing ass failed to repair my property for 15 months I made a complaint, my Mp gave them 21 days to do the work, then the housing obudsman gave them 21 days then a shelter gave them 21 days (a lawyer) they ignored all off them I applied for legal aid and was turned down. I then got my local councilor to get involved he threated to go to the papers and they did most off the work about 24 Jobs out off 35I am now taking the case to money claims as it cost me thousands to get this far. The housing ass lawyers keep changing venue off the courts I am on the 3rd county court. Is there any presure I can put on them or any idea how longer it would take as its been two years.

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Hi Clifford

They shouldn’t be able to keep changing venues or dates – that should be up to the courts system to decide. Have you tried speaking to Citizens Advice or someone at a law centre? Both should be able to give you some free legal advice on how to get this concluded.

Have you asked the Property Ombudsman for compensation? I’m not a lawyer but I know that they can order compensation, as well as ordering the housing association to carry out repairs. Might be worth going back to them to see if this is an option.

You can also make complaints to the environmental health department of your local council and the Health & Safety Executive if you’re living with a health hazard.



Yes I been to all off these above the housing obudsman have no powers of inforcement legal aid and citizens advice said its all about money and legal help would be enough help (means I do all the work) Eviromental health want to sanacion the property but my wife has serious mental health issues and so can’t leave the building

so he condemend the 3 rooms and my HA have never refused to do the work they just don’t say how long it take even thought in my contract none essential repairs should be done in 21 days. I have asked several lawyers to take the case on and when they find out my housing ass is one off the bigest they all say I have to pay for them to do it the size and income off my HA scares lawyers and made a shelter housing lawyer back down even thought they said he was legal right but they could fight for years.

                                       I a full time carer, I disable myself and dislexic and deal with all this legal rubbish is baffling.

                                                 whats the point off having a contract when youneed your HA to do whats in the contact and they just paly for time to grinf you                                                         down and so they never have to do the work.


It does sound like a nightmare. Have you tried someone from a law centre, as I mentioned above? You could also contact a regular solicitor and see if they would be interest in a no win no fee case – something like suing for breach of your contract? I.e. going purely for compensation rather than getting the repairs done. I haven’t seen the paperwork but it seems like they are in breach of contract even though they haven’t refused to do the repairs. Get a hungry lawyer who can see a payday and you might get a different result.

Good luck.

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