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How long should I give the landlord to provide quotes

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The landlord is saying there are problems, to which I am prepared to listen, and that he will provide quotes. How long should I give him to provide the quotes before I open a dispute?


Hi Margaret

I will need a lot more information before I can assist you. When you say ‘there is a problem’ is this a maintenance issue during a tenancy that is still ongoing OR is the Landlord proposing to make deductions from your Security Deposit regarding a property you have now vacated?

If the latter- was the property rented on an AST and, if so, was the deposit registered?

I look forward to hearing more.


Sorry Margaret I just saw your previous post. Any dispute should be filed with the applicable scheme within 28 days of the end of the tenancy. An agreement can still be reached without having to go through the whole process- however, you have that as security. Meanwhile any deposit funds NOT in dispute are to be returned immediately upon all relevant and legal conditions being met.

Hope that helps

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