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How long to wait?

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Viewed a house last wed (6th may) liked it, payed £75 applicator fee, we’re told we ere 1st applicants and would get 1st refusal if anyone else should apply. Been told a 2nd couple have now also applied……. still waiting to heat if we have been successful. Agent tells us they are waiting to hear off the landlord. Not wanting to sound too impatient but how long should this take? Surely if the landlord knew his property was being viewed he would be at the end if the phone to accept or reject potential tenants? Don’t understand how it’s taking so long. 


Hi Louise

There are a lot of tenants looking for properties right now so landlords are not as on the ball as they really should be – they just don’t need to be. In London, on average, every property has at least 13 tenants after it. There’s no real average length of time so it’s just a matter of chasing the agent. I’m not sure about the application fee though, I’ve not heard of that before – it doesn’t seem right to be charging you a fee just to put yourself forward.


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